Greetings from sunny Southern California!

Some day-after-Christmas snow in Joshua Tree. Pictures don’t really do it justice. It’s been snowing for almost five hours, and even though the temperature is around 36 or 37, the snow is staying put and piling up.

snow in Joshua Tree
snow in Joshua Tree

It Was a Long Time Coming

When I came to California in 1984 my friend and ex-bandmate Jeff, from Minnesota, was already here, and he kept saying, “You’ve got to go out to the desert, man, come on, let’s go to the desert,” and I thought, what kind of idiot purposely goes to the desert? I pictured what everyone who’s never been to the desert pictures: endless miles of flat dirt and blazing sun. No life anywhere, no breeze. Or the Sahara desert of the movies: giant sand dunes and blazing sun and camels and Bedouins with swords to lop off your noggin. That’s what I thought of when Jeff said, “desert.”

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